Before and After: The Beginning of our Health Effort

Get to know what our goals are. Why we are doing this.

This is the first post of a very informative case study into my, and my wonderful partner’s health journey. We say “Health” instead of “weight loss” for a specific reason and we’ll get into that later. Let me and my partner introduce ourselves first.


My name is Gavin, Canadian born and Canadian I’ve lived for the past 21 years… nothing really extraordinary. Just your average guy with common goals, many of which I’m hoping you share! You’ll get to be more familiar with me as the blog grows and I continue to post new content… Now, to my earlier mentioned partner….

Hello! My name is Rachel and like Gavin, I’m also Canadian born and raised. I’m very easy going and just trying to make the absolute best of things. I’m so exited to see the turnout of this page and really hope that we can help you solve mutual problems that we face in our everyday lives.


Like I said, this is going to be a “Health” journey. I don’t like the term weight-loss because it doesn’t exactly mean getting healthy. It only means becoming thinner and that’s not the goal. Getting skinny can be done in so many ways, healthy and unhealthy, that it really isn’t a good “concrete” sign of success when it comes to your health and well being.

Our goal, and likely also your goal, is to become a healthy and active person. To feel and be attractive instead of groggy and insecure. We have so many bad habits right now that I’m sure there will be some sort of common ground between us and anybody reading this blog. To be more specific, here is a list of everything in our lives that needs to change in order for us to lead Healthy lives:

Sleep…..We have an issues with going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Waking Up…..We want to wake up earlier, so that we can be more aware and productive during the mornings. (over sleeping actually causes grogginess)

Being Active…..We don’t really do a whole lot of active stuff. Definitely something we need to change if we want to be healthy.

Dirty House…..We aren’t hoarders, but we definitely need a system to keep our house clean. It’s easier to be upset and unwell when your house is in complete disorder.

Junk Food…..We actually run a confectionery/fast food store, so you can imaging the will power needed for us to keep away from junk. The worse part is that the store is attached to our home! We literally have 24/7 access to crap.

Over Eating…..I don’t think this one needs explaining… I have an issue with eating until I hate myself, and it really needs to just stop if I want to attempt getting healthy.

These are the main issues we need to confront, and I’m certain that if you found this page, you share one of these solvable problems. You could even comment which of these habits you need to change and help us find easy to implement solutions. You could even tell us about how you used to have these poor habits and what you did to overcome them!

So here it is… Before and After: the Beginning

Gavin's beforeRachel's before

As you can see, I’m a little deeper in the overweight pool than Rachel(she isn’t even close to being thick). Some would even say she’s crazy if she thinks she’s chubby, but no matter how hard I try and tell her she’s gorgeous, she still feels insecure about her body. So understand that even people who have an ideal body, may still be unhappy with themselves.

This is the beginning of our big health effort. Becoming comfortable in our own skin! We will post bi-weekly updates to keep track of ourselves so you can see how well we are doing based on the well documented changes we make in our daily routines.


Author: healthjourney

We are a couple on a journey to fitness and health

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