A deliciously healthy supper!

If you read this post here, you know that we actually run a fast-food restaurant. This means that we need some real willpower to keep up this new project of ours. It’s hard to not eat fattening food if it’s in your face most of the day! Everyday I constantly remind myself of my goals. It can be difficult, but luckily there are ways to cope! The method that has proven to be efficient for me is to plan meals. Give yourself something to look forward to. Take yourself over to Google and find a delicious and healthy looking recipe!

The first night me and Rachel decided to  take up a healthier lifestyle, we agreed on a set of rules. We are to stop over eating, eating food from our restaurant, we must exercise everyday and also cook homemade healthy meals. Thus far, we have been sticking to the plan! Our first meal was a rice based simple to make recipe. You can read it here!

My outlook so far on this journey.

One thing I’ve really enjoyed about eating healthier is that you feel a change right away! It only takes a few days before you start feeling different. Going from always heavy and bloated to light and full of energy. I used to rather stay inside and play my PS4 for hours, but these past few days I barely looked at the game. I’ve actually done something with myself instead of feeling over stuffed and out of breath.


Author: healthjourney

We are a couple on a journey to fitness and health

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