Mental Health is just as important.

Do you struggle with achieving goals? read here.

Today I want to talk about mental health. It’s been a real struggle for me and to those I love and care about. I bring this up because it is the reason why I have been away for so long. It was too easy for me to feel alone in the world and I had felt like it was all collapsing down on me all at once. Yet, it wasn’t…

I won’t go into much detail about why and how I came about having mental disorders, lets just say I have a “disease” that causes me to really lose myself deep into my own mind. I felt like I couldn’t be heard no matter how hard I yelled and couldn’t be felt no matter how far I reached. It’s a real struggle to juggle all these emotions when your trying to become a better person. Being healthy is so important but if your mind is sick.. All I can say is GOOD LUCK with that….

Trying to have a healthy body when your mind is so out of order is like trying to make a dead horse run. It’s not gonna happen. You need to take a step back and find a new horse and get back into the race… When I say horse I really mean lifestyle and environment. They go hand in hand like good old PB&J. you can’t have one without the other being directly influenced.

If you aren’t achieving your goals, change your mindset! Become a winner and stop blaming others for your problems. Even if it is on them! Be the better person! Be awesome! Take what you’ve learned and use that knowledge! The only thing left after these steps is to accept help when you need it! Don’t be stubborn, it will only hurt you in the end. If you feel alone.. You are not! Accept the situation for what it is and get back on the horse or find a new one to ride!

Thank you for taking the time to read and I wish you all the best!


Happiness is key, next to patience.

The past three days, I noticed something about myself. Something I probably wouldn’t of, had I not been alone. I was alone because Rachel flew out of town to be with her mother for a few days. During this time, I noticed a huge difference in how a behave and think when I’m with myself. It’s as if I’ve been relying on Rachel to be happy. I didn’t go out of my way to cook a decent meal, dropped my personal hygiene standards and went into a pretty dark thinking pattern. Just really put myself down. This change I noticed, is what I believe to be why I cheated my new lifestyle.

I just kept questioning if I was satisfied with the path I’m currently on and being pretty negative about it. Thought to myself that this page is a waste of time and that I’m just hanging onto false hope. Just a lot of negative thinking.

Really, that’s all it is though. Negative thinking.

It’s not like I was somebody on the verge of homelessness with nowhere to turn. I still have what’s important, a great girlfriend, next to free living and nothing to complain about.

I think my problem is that I expect good results too fast. Looking for that instant gratification. This is and I can’t stress it enough, my biggest hurdle to overcome. It’s what causes me to act impulsively and sometimes aggressively towards myself if I don’t get what I’m expecting.

My approach to dealing with this will be some intense self-talking and realistic weekly goals. I won’t be the healthy person I want to be in a week, but I can set goals. The first goal may be to replace all liquid intake with water for the first week, just giving myself small challenges to accomplish.

Get back on the horse!

Today I cheated myself out of health. Here’s my outlook on it.

Today I found myself breaking the promise I made when I started this blog. I binged away and over ate very unhealthy foods. Why would I be telling you this? I think it’s important for anybody to understand that I’m only human and that it’s okay to mess up. As long as I recognise  a mistake and chose to get back in motion.

Just because I over ate today, doesn’t change my willingness to become a healthier person. A moment of weakness is just a blur in this journey to health. When I reach my goals, I hope people can look back at this and see that it’s normal to have a hard time quitting the bad foods.

Some people don’t realise that a lot of unhealthy foods are incredibly addictive. Sugar alone is proven to to have similar affects to cocaine on the brain. We could even go on and on about how addictive MSG, a common replacement for salt, is. So when I walked by the pop fridge and all the salty snacks we stock in our store, instead of self-talking myself out of eating junk, I gave into that lesser way of thinking and said screw it.

As shameful as it is, I’m happy to share this moment of weakness so that I can make something good out of it in the future. Those of you who are struggling to become healthy individuals, don’t forget that you are only human and will always have the option of sticking to your goal! Get back on the horse! Win the race!

I’m not giving up simply because I made a mistake. I know my goals are still realistic and that I just need to stick with it. Eventually, it will get easier and I won’t have the cravings that struck me today. Those of you who are struggling with me, take a step back and read about a small change you can make today to get back on the horse.

Diets. Diets. Diets.

Read about how to chose the right diet for you.

Since starting this page, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the subject of what is a healthy lifestyle. If you are doing the same as me, you’ve seen the massive over-load of very contradicting expert sources. One weight-loss guru will say avoid following any rule based diets, then the next guru tells you about his amazing new dieting plan that you should follow to lose 30 pounds in just a short period of time. What these guys don’t want you to know is that they are making bank when they provide you with this information, true or false. So instead of reading all the “proof” they have backing their diets, it’s best to just try it out. You can spend hours researching what diet is best and in the end, all you find is an endless hole of constant arguments between the promoters of these diets.

So here’s my plan. I’m simply going to pick a random diet, take it seriously, and tell you about the results. I will take measurements of my body and posts weekly updates. This way, if you are stuck on what diet to chose from, you can see what works and what doesn’t!

A quick search brings thousands of different options to the table. You could go with Atkins, 80/10/10, the 4 day diet and so many others that you can’t know whats going to work unless you actually try them out. As far as I’m concerned, diets are like shoes. They will fulfil their intended purpose, you just need to pick the one best suited for your style.

Most of the time, these diets are successfully promoted because they actually helped people lose weight. Atkins would not have the name recognition it has today unless it actually helped people. So I’m not going to break my back trying to find a diet to follow, I’m simply going to put one to the test. I found quite a long list here. Sifting through it quickly I found this diet to be the one I am most confident in being able to follow.

I chose the caveman diet because of it’s simplicity. Look it up real quick and you’ll find tons of information supporting it’s claims. Though, common sense says it’s really impossible to have the diet they had in Palaeolithic times, but we have enough good food around to get as close as possible to a true caveman diet.

The Paleo diet

Read about how I’m going to become a healthier me with the Paleo diet.

Of all diets out there, this ones seems like one I can see myself doing without too much effort. All it really aims for is cutting out all processed food or unnecessary additives like basic sugar or salt. Which is expected of anyone who wants to be healthy.

I plan on starting the caveman diet as of next Monday. We will clear out the fridge by Sunday, and then it’s off to a fresh start! This diet claims that it will make me much leaner than many other diets would, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! I will post back about this subject on Monday the 28th. My starting measurements and what I have bought at the grocery store will be included in Monday’s update.

I think it’s important to set a goal. As of today, since I don’t have a scale, my goal will be measured by how well I feel, and measurements of my entire body in inches. I don’t like to use the scale, it doesn’t feel necessary. Health isn’t determined by weight, it’s determined by how well you feel and the energy you have to back it up. My goal starting Monday, will be to have more energy in the mornings and to stop feeling bloated. So far I have been feeling good, thanks to the healthier foods we’ve chosen since starting the blog. Though, I don’t feel as good as I want to yet. There’s still some snow to shovel under my skin. So hopefully this dietary choice gives me that extra kick I need during the days.

Avocado & Egg Toast

Very good for mornings! Very light breakfast. Precook the eggs and this could be made very quickly in the mornings.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 Avocado
  • Mayonnaise or Humus (Hummus being the healthier choice)
  • Any bread of your choice
  • pepper (optional)

How to put it all together:

  1. Make your hard boiled eggs (a quick search will teach you how to do this)
  2. While your eggs are boiling, toasts two slices of bread
  3. Spread your mayo, humus or butter on both slices
  4. Slice your avocado and place evenly all over your toast
  5. once you eggs are cooked, slice them and place them evenly on the toast as well
  6. You can add pepper for taste, completely optional

Make it your own by changing it up! Make a sandwich out of it! Anything you seem fit!


A deliciously healthy supper!

If you read this post here, you know that we actually run a fast-food restaurant. This means that we need some real willpower to keep up this new project of ours. It’s hard to not eat fattening food if it’s in your face most of the day! Everyday I constantly remind myself of my goals. It can be difficult, but luckily there are ways to cope! The method that has proven to be efficient for me is to plan meals. Give yourself something to look forward to. Take yourself over to Google and find a delicious and healthy looking recipe!

The first night me and Rachel decided to  take up a healthier lifestyle, we agreed on a set of rules. We are to stop over eating, eating food from our restaurant, we must exercise everyday and also cook homemade healthy meals. Thus far, we have been sticking to the plan! Our first meal was a rice based simple to make recipe. You can read it here!

My outlook so far on this journey.

One thing I’ve really enjoyed about eating healthier is that you feel a change right away! It only takes a few days before you start feeling different. Going from always heavy and bloated to light and full of energy. I used to rather stay inside and play my PS4 for hours, but these past few days I barely looked at the game. I’ve actually done something with myself instead of feeling over stuffed and out of breath.