Small changes, big results!

What can I tell you in one post, that would guarantee you start losing weight within just a few weeks?

What can you do right now to lose weight? What can I tell you in one post, that would guarantee you start losing weight within just a few weeks? It’s a very powerful tip I read in the past but I find not many people touch on in fitness/work out videos too often. Even though it’s important if you want a healthy body.

Have you ever switched up your diet to something that seemed healthier, but in the end, did nothing for you? You went from eating Big Macs and  KD to a Palaeolithic diet, or from eating canned/boxed food to healthy leafy greens, yet still managed to feel unfit and sluggish? I can give you a good guess on what you may have missed. This is something I’ve changed in my life before and it is a change I need to make again. Cutting out dairy and all syrup based juices! 

When I lived at my mother’s a few years back, she had read about dairy and why we should drink it. Her short lived study had proven that we should not drink cows milk, or any other of the sort! It really has no value to you once you’ve grown out of your toddler years and that’s talking about your mothers breast-milk. Cow’s milk never did anything for you. It is something to stay away from if you are going to reach those health goals! I remember the first month she decided to cut out all dairy based drinks in our home. I lost 10 pounds! Just by quitting the cow!

What about calcium?

Do you think cows milk is the only place to get calcium? It has been a long running myth that drinking milk is a good way to get your daily value. Just look at this list of 18 alternatives to help feed your healthy mind. I’ve already decided to cut milk from my diet, since I’ve experienced the health benefits of this choice before. Soy milk is actually on that list and it really isn’t a bad flavour. I personally don’t drink it, but it’s a good alternative to using real milk in recipes!

What should I drink then?

Anything you want, keeping in mind a few rules! I love drinking those syrup based juices you mix in from the can, but obviously they are loaded with sugar! So rule one is pretty point blank obvious. Nothing with loads of added sugar and nothing dairy based! That’s it. Just don’t think you can switch sugar for sweeteners. If you are online frequently, you should already know how terrible these are for you. Tons of articles and studies done to prove that statement.

So what are some good drinks that are still going to satisfy a sweet tooth? Well lucky for you Rachel has become a bit of a tea addict over time and has tweaked on a few recipes in the past to bring you a great template to follow! Click here for a great Iced Tea recipe that uses just a touch of honey for sweetening, and lets healthy ingredients do the rest. Use this recipe as a guide. Change it up and play around with the ingredients! If you make something new and exiting, share it on our Facebook page!


Healthy morning = Healthy day

Best way to build momentum is to push as hard as you can, the soonest you can. First thing in the morning!

Everyday, since the first post, I have started making small positive changes towards a healthy lifestyle using baby steps! I decided to use this mentality to tackle my poor habit of having an unhealthy breakfast or even none at all! This way I will promote a healthier morning, which to me, means a healthier day! If I build that momentum first thing when I wake up, it should be easy to stick with it from AM to PM. So this is the first step. Building a healthy foundation everyday so that I can live in a healthy temple.

So what does all this mean for you, the reader?

Well, I hope that you can take what I’m writing here and apply it to yourself! Do you wake up to late and never eat a decent morning meal? That’s a problem if you want to be healthy! Being healthy is simple. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it is simple!

It’s simple to wake up and it is simple to make yourself some good breakfast. You just need to do it! Fight the urge to put your head back into the pillow because that extra hour or twenty minutes won’t do anything for you except make you groggy. If you open your eyes and chose to keep them open, you are agreeing with your brain that now is the time to wake up. If you fight against it, it will get confused and make you more tired so that you can get it your way and fall back asleep! Just listen to your body! If it wakes up, that means you are ready to wake up! Listen!


I’m willing to bet that if you take my advice and actually listen to your body. Then your body will listen in return to help you achieve your goals. You need good health? Your body will listen and guide you to it. Just stop going against it! I noticed that when I simply listened to my brain to wake up, I had an easier day. I was less grumpy and tired. I didn’t need to take a nap. I was just all around better! It’s a real eye opener. So stop going against the very thing that wants exactly what you want!

So where do you start? How do you work towards a healthier morning?

You start exactly when you literally have no choice but to. First thing in the morning when your eyes open up! Don’t lay your head back! Sit up and get ready! Make yourself something decent to eat and get going! Trust me, you will be a happier person through out the day. You will handle daily stress 10x better. Just wake up instead of taking extra time to sleep. You can find countless studies that say, 20 extra minutes does nothing for you. They even tell you that if you go back to bed instead waking up, you are going to be groggy and tired during the day! So do yourself a favour and pull up your socks!

I’ll leave this one at that so that you can go do your own research on waking up and really understand its importance. The benefits of fighting morning bed-gravity are well proven and if this isn’t a change you are going to make, you are going to be let down when you haven’t reached those health goals. Listen to your body, and it will guide you to health.

No ideas for a healthy breakfast? We got you covered.

Rachel is completely obsessed with this recipe. It’s really simple to make and I personally really enjoy this as well. Try it out!